Autism Spectrum and The Dentist – They Removed Teeth

– For this next video, we’re gonna move through
a lot of days really fast. We have been home now for a couple weeks. We recorded little bits here and there. And we’re gonna zoom through
a few days, about a week. And then, get to the sedation
dentistry part of the video. Just so you don’t get confused about the first few minutes of this one. (upbeat music) (Braylee hums) – [David] Happy Valentine’s Day Braylee! Happy.
– Happy. – Valentine’s Day.
– Valentines (babbles) – [Stacey] (laughs) Good job. – [David] I think that we
brought the sunset shine back and forth because
so far, all sunny days. – Yeah, it’s a good kind of warm welcome. (upbeat music) – It’s music therapy
day, music therapy day and real quick, before we head out, I just wanted to give you guys a reminder. We’re doing the Autism Walk pretty soon. It’s on March 1st in Edina, Minnesota, at the Southdale Center Mall. And I will put the information
in the description below. You guys should join us,
we’re gonna have so much fun. It’s in the morning, I think
it starts at like 8 a.m. We’ll be there. We’ll see you there.
– Hopefully, we’d like to see some of your happy faces. – Yeah, if you’re in the area. Well, we got through music
therapy, we made it back home. So, real quick, I want to
talk about music therapy. I know we’ve talked about it before but I wanna specifically talk about what it’s improved so far for Braylee and in one of the more
recent videos that we had while we were in Florida, Braylee, as you noticed,
was saying “Ready, set, go,” that is actually for music therapy. They do a lot of interactive
stuff with music therapy. They do interactive songs
and games and stuff, so it’s building social stuff for Braylee which is really cool. She’s really enjoying music therapy, I just wanted to give
a quick update on that, ’cause we haven’t really talked about it. We did have that therapist change that we also talked about
a little while back. It does take some type
whenever it’s new therapists but she’s adjusting and she’s having a good time.
– She did really well today. She was connecting with her,
she was busting up laughing when she was doing their music story book. – They even sang together,
it was the cutest thing ever. – We actually used a different
room than we normally do for music therapy, and this
one had a drum set in it. It was so cool, the drum
pads are color coordinated, which is really awesome. But, Braylee really enjoys the foot pedal. So, Braylee starting singing
“The Wheels on the Bus” while rhythmically hiting the foot pedal. So, she was hitting the drum
pedal in tune with her song, and then when her music
therapist realized what song she was singing, she stated
singing it with Braylee and she just lit up, she was so excited that she knew what song she was singing. – [David] Are you remembering Disney? We should check to see why
the water’s still running. – Yeah. (Braylee singing)
– Whoa, whoa, too much soap. Just rinse them off, rinse them off. (upbeat pop music) ♪Good morning, good morning,
the sun is shining ♪ ♪It’s time to go to, we’re
gonna go on the stool today. ♪ We are going to the doctor’s office. Braylee has a doctor’s
appointment this morning. We have her pre-op appointment to make sure she’s nice and healthy for doing a sedation dentistry. We’re doing that again for a second time. They require us to have
Braylee seen by a doctor within seven days of a
sedation dentistry appointment. So that’s what we’re doing this morning. Getting that done. We’re just gonna go see your doctor and they’re just gonna make
sure that you’re all healthy. – [Stacey] They just wanna
make sure that she’s healthy, nothing can interfere with sedation, especially this time of
year, that she’s not sick. – Yeah, and we gotta make
sure that if she does get sick within the next couple of days, before– – Before her appointment.
– Before her appointment, then we have to make sure
that we’re letting them know. That’s something that we don’t
want to mess around with, you know, sedation. You ready for a Monday? – [Stacey] It’s Monday! – [David] I have that one
picture from a while back, remember?
– No, that’s a very vague description. – Younger picture of
Braylee with a Monday face. Remember that one? I don’t think I’ve ever showed that. Maybe I’ll show that one. We’re all smiles today, huh?
– Yeah, she got to sleep in. – We did get a lot of comments
how happy she was in Florida. I just want to point out
that it’s not just Florida. If you’re new here,
generally pretty happy. She does have rough and tough
days every once in a while. – We all do.
– We all do, I do, I struggle with mornings. – [Stacey] All right,
ready for the red car? – That’s what coffee’s for, though. – Red car.
– She’s a happy kid, for sure. Time to buckle up. Little warmer today. The difference today from the last time we went to sedation dentistry is I think we’re a little more comfortable with it because it’s not unknown anymore. We did it once already. – That’s pretty much
anything in life, though, once we’ve done it once
and know what to expect, it gets a little easier. – Yeah, if you guys are doing
this for the first time, it does get better. I will link the videos in this video. The video in this video
of when we did sedation, it was actually about a year ago. Almost exactly a year ago. Check that out. All right, time to go. Well, we’re back home
from dropping off Braylee. We’re all almost set
up for her dental work in a couple days. I just have to take some
paper work in later today, but for now, I gotta get stuff done. Putting the camera down, I’ll be back. Since when did this start happening? – I didn’t know it was
supposed to snow today. – [David] I don’t think it was. Come on, weather forecasters. Braylee, you loving the snow? – She did really good with
her body parts program. And that they had the cards
and they were telling her touch her cards or herself. And they weren’t prompting her,
she was saying them herself. They were like, “Touch your
mouth,” she goes, “Mouth.” – It’s snowing. Aren’t you so happy? All right, we gotta make
sure we can still do it, as soon as your buckled. We’re gonna practice. And just so you guys know too, this whole singing the National Anthem. If she didn’t wanna do
it, she wouldn’t do it. Just so you guys know. I’m not forcing her to sing it at all. – [Stacey] If she doesn’t want
to do it, she won’t do it. Plain and simple. – She’s a very independent girl. She will do what she wants to do. – But I mean it’s a good song to know, they learn it in school anyways, typically, in public schools. Why can’t we dream that Braylee will sing the National Anthem at a
sporting event some day? That’d be cool.
– And she just loves singing. Braylee, you ready? ♪Oh, say can you see ♪ ♪ By the dawn’s early light ♪ ♪ What so proudly we hailed ♪ ♪ At the twilight’s last gleaming ♪ ♪ Oh, say can you see ♪ ♪ By the dawn’s early light ♪ ♪ What so proudly we hailed ♪ ♪ At the twilight’s last gleaming ♪ – [David] Good job. Crushed it. Come on, Braylee. – [Stacey] She let me put
her hair in a little pony. – [David] Her hair is so cute right now. It didn’t snow a whole lot, it already stopped snowing, unfortunately. (babbles) She’s ready. We’re ready for another
dental appointment. I particularly don’t look forward to it, just because I have to hold Braylee while they put the mask on her, the sedation machine,
you know how that goes. The best we can do it explain it to her, all day and all morning on
Wednesday, what’s gonna happen. So that she at least
expects what’s gonna happen, because she won’t do it voluntarily. She won’t put the mask on voluntarily, even with the flavors
and stuff that they have. I think they do smell and flavor. She just gets really nervous about it, at least from the first
time that we did it. Well, go for it. She needs it done, so. Sensory Processing Disorder comes along with a tough
time brushing teeth. We’ve gotten better with it
over the last few months. We’ll see how it goes,
it needs to be done. We have seen the comments
or questions asking why would we get the work done since they’re still baby teeth. The answer to that question is, from what was explained
to us by the dentist, is her baby teeth can
affect her adult teeth. So, if there’s a cavity,
a deep cavity in her tooth that we don’t take care of, it can spread to her adult teeth, And we definitely want to
make sure her adult teeth start out fresh, you know what I mean. I thought the same thing initially too, that baby teeth fall
out, but yeah they can. And they can also affect the
gums, cause gum problems. I’m growing up. (babbles) Yeah, I’m growin’ up. Today is the day, sedation dentistry day. We’re actually in a really
big hurry this morning. Braylee was up at 2 a.m
and didn’t go back to sleep ’til 6, and we had to
wake her up recently. We gotta make our appointment
here in about 15 minutes, still wanted her to have
her bath beforehand, so we did that this morning and Braylee’s actually doing really good with the blow dryer. (blow dryer blowing) We’re getting her hair
dried up for going out and we’re gonna head out to the dentist. I think no matter how
many times we do this it’s still gonna make me nervous, just because it’s sedation. I’m sure it makes everybody nervous, any type of sedation stuff. We’ve gotten the question before, how she do with the dentist, like going to a regular dentist office, she no longer cooperates
at all at the dentist. She will just completely avoid
sitting down in the chair, letting anybody look in her mouth. She’s gotten a lot stronger and stuff, so it just doesn’t work, so
it’s the only way we can go. Gotta get it done and what they do is it’s mostly an exam and a cleaning, but if they see anything
that needs to be done while she’s sedated, they will complete. And that way she doesn’t
have to do the sedation thing very often. All right guys, we’ll
let you know how it goes. You’re so tired, huh? It’s so weird when the lens is cold. – There’s a little card and everybody who worked with her signed it. – [David] Looking at that
medical record stuff? – Yeah. – Now that my lens is finally
defogging a little bit. It’s just cold outside,
this is just what happens. Go from cold to warm, lens fogs up and that’s just what happens. So, we go back from
the sedation dentistry, so, going in, let me
go to my talking spot. It turns out that she did need it done because when they did the
exam they found two cavities, two small cavities, which they fixed, but they also had to take out two teeth because of infections. And this is what happens when it’s hard to brush teeth. Braylee does has Sensory
Processing Disorder, a processing disorder, and tooth brushing has
always been a struggle. Especially, even flossing too, that’s even getting in there more. They’re both baby teeth, so, teeth that she was gonna lose anyway. One of them actually one
of the molars, though, and I don’t think it gets
replaced ’til age 12ish. So it’ll be a while before
she has a tooth back in that spot. They put spacers to make sure that when the teeth are shifting
around it doesn’t take up that space where that
tooth is supposed to be. We have to figure out a
better way to clean her teeth. She handled everything
like a champ, though. She woke up, not one cry, took
the IV out and the tape off, no crying or nothing. She’s just watching. Good job today. And yes, the doctor, dentist, did say that she’s allowed to eat mac n’ cheese. Braylee, you’re a champ. By the way, those people
there were the nicest ever. – They were so sweet to her. She really struggled with
wearing the gown and the socks, she didn’t wanna wear it. So she just ran around in her pull up and they made sure to get
her a blanket so she was warm and they were like, “Oh,
don’t worry about getting her “all dressed up in the
gown, we’ll take care of it “when she’s under,” and
by the time we got her, she was in a gown. So, it was nice, they were all like, “there’s no reason to
upset her or fuss with her, “so we’ll just take care of it after.” – They even gave her a flower. We’re gonna let everybody go for now. We’re just going to relax
today and let Braylee rest. Spend the rest of the day home with B, just relax for the rest of the day. I need to do some cleaning,
should I do some dance cleaning? Looking for more food, already? Loves cottage cheese.
– We’re almost out, though. – Cottage cheese.
– Might have to make a run to the store. – Braylee, can you close
it out and pound it. We’re gonna let everybody go. (camera beeps) So, I do have a new comment
that I want to talk about. It actually just came in pretty recently. Before I show the comment
says, I’m gonna point out that I am not going to approve it and I’m also not gonna
share the name of it. Because I just think that
it’s probably not necessary to start a conversation over it. I just want to say one thing
about it and that’s it, we’ll be done. The comment says, “Are you smoking, Dad? “Or having a cocktail?” This is in reference to the video where I described our
breaks failing on the bus and I re-enacted it with Hot Wheels cars. If you didn’t see that
video, I’ll put it up there. So, no, I do not smoke and I also was not drinking that night. This is just who I am. That’s how I am and oh well. (slow rock music)

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