Blue’s Clues & You 🐾 Silly Town Mix Up | Nick Jr.

Josh! Josh!
You better get up here! It looks like Blue
is about to skidoo! Blue did just skidoo! Come on! ♪ Blue skidoo, we can too ♪ [music playing] What is this place? Hey, this must be Silly Town. Do you see anything silly
about Silly Town? Come on! It’s raining inside
that skunk’s umbrella. Now that’s pretty silly. Hey you know,
if I’m gonna fit in around here, I’m gonna need my handy dandy… Silly hat! Ah! Come on! [clucking] – Hello, my friend!
– Hello? I’m Billy Chicken,
mayor of this Silly Town. Oh, well it is an honor
to meet you, Mr. Mayor. Come along, I’ll give you
the grand tour of Silly Town. Great! Hey, we love silly stuff. Oh… Do you wanna find all
the mixed up things in Silly Town? Me too. Let’s go! Walk this way. [clucking] This is our construction site. We’re building a new school! Hm, I wonder if there’s anything
mixed up here. [squeaking] Does this look silly to you? Well, what’s mixed up here? [squeaking] She’s using a banana! [laughing] Oh, yeah! Hey, this wacky worker weasel
is using a banana to pound in nails. Oh, question: why not a hammer? Well Josh, I think it’s because
I’m going bananas. Bananas… Oh, she’s not the only wacky
worker around here. Take a look! Do you see any other wacky workers? Holy guacamole!
That is pretty wacky. Oh, come on. [music playing] Ah, our famous park. – Hello, everyone!
– Hello! Goodbye! Hey, what’s mixed up here? Going the wrong way! The wrong way? Oh, yeah! This giraffe is sliding
backwards up the slide. Hey, how do you do that? I don’t know, I’m just silly. What do you think of Backwards Park? Well, I think it’s a very
backwards way of life. Hey, do you see any
other backwards things? Oh, yeah! Good eye. [clucking] Let’s go. Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Hey, thanks for showing us
around Silly Town. Don’t mention it.
Oh, I left my egg running! Gotta scramble! – Good day!
– Bye! Hey, we gotta get back home
and find our last clue. [music playing] Come play with me and my puppy Blue
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