Doctor Who | The Timeless Child

  1. The Vibe

    I love your edits! Especially the one of the twelfth doctor, 'Without Reward'.. it's truly beautiful! 12 is my favourite Doctor.. I miss him

  2. puddinxjoker

    Очень эмоциональное видео! До мурашек <3 уже второе видео за 24 часа, я в шоке)))

  3. FireWolf

    I wasn’t completely expecting it to be the doctor, but I like how there is the history of the timelords. I just feel the doctor isn’t the same as it has always different. There’s just something missing

  4. 93Chowo-Entertainment

    I personally liked this reveal of the Timeless Child. With that in mind and the scenes with the other Doctors I really think that it fits together so well. The Doctor who saved so many lifes over and over again but sadly doesn´t know everything about her own life as she thought she does.

  5. shellstrOAp

    This is wonderful, wow! I love how you tied in so many different things into one perfect, cohesive story. Regardless of how each person feels about the timeless child anybody can agree this is a masterpiece :')

  6. Wendell Robinson

    The doctor found Galiferys biggest secret which is the doctor who started the regenerations and even made the time lords so we now know there are more doctors out there but no matter what we can see the doctors rage when finding out the truth after being lied to for her who life now the prophecy is fulfilled the doctor standing in the ruins of galifery😩

  7. vernessa mitranee Durbal

    The speech Clara made saying the time lords were monsters is now made fact .Because of the things they did to the doctor as a child and the things they continued to do to the doctor. It was very harsh

  8. Mr K Miller

    I think it was said earlier in the doctor who timeline, but wouldn’t this make the doctor/their mother the hybrid? Or maybe the master?

  9. Vortigan

    Imagine the master being the future doctor, so far in the future that he became mad with pain ( like Tennant in the end ) and forgot who he was it would explain his greatest intelligence and the fact that they are so similar. The master want the doctor to realise they are the same maybe because of an instant that tells him he has gone to far but he don’t know where it comes from so he wants to know that the best man he knows isn’t so different to reassure himself

  10. AlphaMineron

    I hate what they did to Gallifrey and the Timelords…

    How can the Master single handedly destroy Gallifrey? How’s that even possible, and how is it further possible that when there were clear working Tardis’ available at the citadel and possibly at all other major points on Gallifrey, how come no Timelords survived?

    The greatest oldest, civilization and it simply gets wiped out by the Master? The master might be good but he’s no where that good.

    As we know, Gallifrey isn’t just a planet where a bunch of TimeLords live. It’s a god damn civilization, they have the High Council, the secret agencies, the military and so much.

    It makes no sense that the Master reduced Gallifrey into a dead planet, playing with TimeLords bodies… merging them into Cybermen. It’s such a horrible plot.

    It was so beautiful, as the show was heading out of its golden age as Matt Smiths run was ending with his “Day of the Doctor” special which ends with him finding a new purpose of returning home, to Gallifrey, the long way around.

    And what do we have now? His home in ruins, burned, scorched, nuked… TimeLords turned into CyberMasters. Are you kidding?

    How can they do that to Gallifrey

  11. Its Very Windy

    Here’s my theory that personally hate and that’ll never happen but food for thought: now the doctor knows she can potentially regenerate limitlessly and she’s smart enough to reverse the timelords limit on her. And we know that she is something special and timeless. The doctor could end up being a paradox, never being born, just regenerating back into that little girl, with the help of companions, scrap her memory, plop her by the space hole waiting for it all to happen again.

  12. Cosmo 456

    Was the Gallifreyan from Hell Bent a regeneration of Tektay-Un, or just someone else who found “baby” Doctor and had no clue about his/her true lineage?

  13. Goremaid

    I love the amount of fun recontextualizing you can do with this, and how this doesn't make them *special*, just an abused child who stole a box from a shitty race and ran

  14. Aethetikos

    Timeless Children = all the child reincarnations of the doctor that were killed in the making of the Time Lords?
    Timeless Children = the master is also a timeless child but it hasn't been revealed to him or to us yet.

  15. MuffinRandom975Game

    We still have some time to know where O master is and they talked about their history and she should've mentioned about 12 and missy and meaby he could have been like " :0 " or like " What do you mean? that never happened?!"

  16. Deus

    of curse she had to be a female black woman as the timeless child…

    and most of the time lords were black or females…

    i cant believe they are forcing every episode this much. its sad

  17. Alexander Gonyea

    This video is gorgeous. It really exemplifies the good of this story in so many ways! And in some respects, it leaves some open-ended questions yet to be answered.

    I feel that people have been far too argumentative about this ending without thinking about the potential that has yet to even be touched by it. It's clear that the Timeless Child story arc is not over here and still leaves a lot to be explored in the future. Yet people are being far too resistant to change, which is quite ironic given the fact that this is Doctor Who we're talking about here.

    For example, the whole deal with the Hybrid from Season 9. The quote about "the Hybrid destined to conquer Gallifrey and stand in its ruins." Many have already begun thinking if the Hybrid and the Timeless Child could be the same thing. And an interesting thought that could possibly be explored is if neither are the Doctor, but the Master instead.

    Because, we don't really know how the Timeless Child is the Doctor, it's just what the Master says. And the Master has never really been the most trustworthy fellow. It would certainly explain the Master's hatred even more than if it was the Doctor. And if the whole ordeal of the Hybrid said to "stand in the ruins of Gallifrey" certainly makes sense when you understand that the Master reduced Gallifrey to dust singlehandedly.

    The point is, this story is far from over. There's bound to be more explored in the future, and I personally cannot wait to see where things go next.

  18. Mylene Ley

    Обожнюю цю пісню, з перших секунд впізнала. Дуже неочікувано. Шкода, що слів не було

  19. Lady Luna Riddle

    I'am a new fan of your videos!! And really I enjoy this one :3… many people hated this episode, I really like … it's a new horizon :3 It's incredible… the revelation of the timeless child, the hybrid…all conected in my opinion.. well, make more videos, Margarita..:3 I will see them!

  20. Richard Ames

    This was all bullshit! Rassilon discovered time travel, engineered regeneration, and made the Gallifrey Matrix. The Doctor was a mysterious time lord called the other, who ruled Gallifrey with Rassilon and Omega. That's Canon, Okay! This timeless child is just some PC crap to make the Doctor a multicultural effigy for woke audiences.

  21. urielvazquez

    I'm just mad they made the Doctor to be the Timeless Child and that they completely erased Rassilon from the equation. Other than that I think it's a brilliant concept and it makes sense with the "hybrid" prophecy. The hybrid can be interpreted as both the Time Lords (who spliced their DNA with the Timeless Child to get the power of regeneration) and the Time Lord – Cyberman hybrid created by the Master. Both stood amidst the ruins of Gallifrey. And the Time Lords brought upon their own demise.

  22. MessageNaBottle

    Awesome video. I've always loved Doctor Who. But now it finally feels like it belongs to everyone. Long live the Timeless Child.

  23. Harry Hughes

    If the cyber-masters were the hybrid from series 9, it’ll all make sense. They’re destined to rule gallifrey in its ruins, and they’re the combination of 2 great warrior races the timelords and the cybermen

  24. DrOverbuild8363

    You know, this video actually makes the whole idea of the Timeless Child sound almost brilliant. I get how most fans/former fans feel about the entire history of the Doctor being somewhat retconned, but honestly the only problems I have with it is the reason for why they implemented this plot twist, and how they implemented it. If Steven Moffat introduced the idea without forcing down the throats of the fans the fact that the Doctor was at several points a girl, and of different races, I feel like this plot twist might've been accepted a bit better. And I don't mean that the problem was that the Doctor regenerated into a girl or with different skin color or anything like that, the problem was that the way Chris Chibnall wrote it in made it feel stale and uninspired with the only goal of the twist being to push an agenda. Honestly I feel like most entertainers and entertainment distributors nowadays forget that the best way to earn money through entertainment is to entertain and please the customer.

  25. Keni Keni

    I was wondering if you will ever make this video. So happy that you did! 🙂

    The thing about the reveal about The Timeless Child is not make them like spesial sort of like a god or powerful being, but it add the tragic of The Doctor's life. The Timeless Child being experiment by their own adoptive mother to understanding regeneration (imply to forcing them to regenerate). And then, they will forget everything and lived in a lied for many years as The Doctor.

    Another thing is that the reveal also make the whole thing The Doctor's behavior and experience in the show add new things on insight (yet also sad at the same time). And I like your video shows those things.

  26. Bored411

    Wow! You really brought it full circle, didn't you? I love how you used all those hidden references to the "Timeless Child" and the "Hybrid" even before 13 and 12. Absolutely amazing video!

  27. Doctor Tophat

    I think another interesting thing to consider, the doctor has never had any regeneration limit. Regeneration came from them. So all those times that river gave her regeneration energy, or the timelords gave theirs, they just gave the source of their power a bit more juice. I doubt that will ever come up but I wonder how that works? If Matt Smith’s doctor died, would he regeneration?

  28. Sunny Kan

    Финал сезона немного так сбил с толку.Вопросов не стало меньше, наоборот.
    Это странно, но видео, разбивающие моё сердце окончательно, в конечном счёте успокаивают.И я ждала именно твои.

  29. Your Overly Eccentric Uncle

    So now we know that regeneration is a genetically inherited trait, are we going to start talking about how River and The Doctor are related?

    Her wife is her sister. Chibnall is a good writer apparently.

  30. ComeAlongDoctor

    I loved Ruth's line about since when has she ever been limited by who they were before. So far that's one of the best lines of this regen.

  31. Michael

    Don’t spoil actual doctor who by mixing it with this series 11 and 12 nonsense. This isn’t Doctor Who. This is canon. It’s a dumpster fire.

  32. Hario Dinio

    What would be interesting is if the series ends with the doctor having their memory wiped, turned back into the child and being sent back becoming what they were at the start. Becoming their own bootstrap paradox but also an essential constant within the universe.

  33. VidDuality

    Damn you work fast! Two amazing vids already from the finale…!! This is fantasti… and I love this plot twist SO MUCH. I haven't been so excited about new lore since the 50th Anniversary special. ♥️♥️

  34. Rusty Acorns

    I really didn't expect to like this season.. It was actually really well made and awesome. It still didn't quite feel like doctor who excluding a few moments but overall still happy <3 A beautiful ending to the time lords and a wonderful video as always to showcase all the emotions we feel. Hope.

  35. darren edwards


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