Dr. Scallon discusses Parent University | Rogers Behavioral Health

Parent university is an educational seminar that we offer to parents of kids in our program It is a 90-minute seminar that we hold every other week, and it’s presented in a presentational style with question and answers at the end We go over topics that are helpful for families such as parenting strategies, skills, concrete guidelines for how to deal with kids who are experiencing difficulty with depression, behavior, mood, and anxiety problems and we really hear from parents that it’s very helpful Parents are very positive about it and They want to They consider it an important part of their treatment and the way that they can help their child and their families Parents are often so confused about how best to help their child They’ve received all kinds of different messages over the years ranging from your child has an illness and you know hands off to you know this is your fault or a blaming kind of a message And so what we try to do is take an educational supportive stance with parents where we say You know we we don’t look for the reason and we look for where you are right now and try to help parents go forward offering their skills the right amount of structure and support while also encouraging and nudging their child sometimes into an area that they’re not necessarily comfortable with When kids are depressed and anxious they want to avoid They feel bad about themselves They don’t want to go face friends They’re anxious about their responsibilities and they feel unsure of themselves and so the natural thing is to retreat and avoid what they need to do But that makes depression and the anxiety worse so often parents are in a position where they they don’t know how to handle that and what we encourage them to do is nudge and continue to hold those high expectations and sometimes pushing kids out of their comfort zone while not flooding them with emotion that they can’t handle and they don’t have the skills yet to manage

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