Educating Girl Child: Scholarships for Girls in Sierra Leone

Giving scholarships to the girl child, we change her life positively. My name is Augustine Mulai. I am from the small West African country of Sierra Leone. During the war the rebels killed most of the male children. So the family now only relies on the female children. What they do to make a living is make the girls marry early so that they can get support from her. Most Sierra Leonians think that if they send a female to school, at the end of her course she will get married. So, they say that if they send her to school and she gets married, they don’t benefit from her. Most females in Sierra Leone are not allowed to be the head of a family. They are not allowed to take part in decisions about family and community development. As alumni of the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) we decided to start a project to educate young girls so that they can get access to education. Educating Young Girls is a scholarship program. We started with five schools, two girls from each school. A total of 10 girls. I engage myself in the recruitment process. I go to school and check their academic records. Also, I go to school to check their performance at the end of
every semester. If you keep maintaining high grades, if you keeping doing excellent academic work, We keep supporting you until you finish high school. If we get support from other organizations, maybe we can even give this support up to University. The scholarships really motivate them to attend school. They become so happy that all their school fees are being paid. That motivates them to attend school. Instead of reliant in the future, we are making them independent in the future. It will give them the opportunity to support their family.

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