Fais ceci une seule fois et tes cheveux ne s arrêteront plus jamais de pousser , c est la folie

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comments I would put you a Heart My loves I have a lot of requests for this
subject, rose how to get beautiful hair it’s been a long time since my
hair fall out my hair is brittle, it’s
gray I don’t know what to do today i will share with you
a very good teacher that women use in india to have hair
very long very strong this is a very old recipe is a
family secret that went from generation to generation that goes all
just leave you speechless and very quickly you will have very good
monthly results in the comments if you have hair problems and
if you want a really big race of horses or if you have falls of
hair how old are you because
when you know age influences a lot on the woman’s hair
no his needs we know that I invite you to watch this video until the
end because i’m going to show you step step by step what you will need to do to
have 30-50% hair that poses faster before making this recipe
I ask you to take several photos of your hair today
and within 30 days of taking a new photo of your hair for
compare distance in spans you can send her photos to my
facebook account my passion passion or even still on my gut for those
who follow me to the official mini this recipe is super simple super
easy to do and of course a bonus in I’ll give you three more
recipes as usual for you help grow hair and
especially stimulated the bulbs encourage their thumbs you will see that each
of these ingredients you know them certainly already because i have some
talked about in previous videos what are very good ingredients at 100 of
dia necessary for this preparation you will need the lozère to my
loves they will only use the gel aloe vera a tablespoon of this
and also a recent spoon wrestling two tablespoons coconut oil
vitamin e capsules before continue I you how to share this
content with your contacts family friends of via networks
social so that it affects a maximum of people to let others know
how to recover from this loan by the ease with which these
prepare and tapas and ap have first you are going to extract your aloe vera gel
mixing with a tiny bit of water is applied to your scalp and you
go for massages and where the ass hair until they are fine
covered but before applying this gene in the hair operation i will
invite you to spend a little bit on the crook of your elbow because it
are some people who are comfortable that without even knowing it
okay so here you can use this a gel or even in plants it is
as you like then you go mix all the others previously
cited in a bowl ie your castor oil your coconut oil and
keep your vitamin capsules mind that aloe vera gel is a
little sticky in the hair so why the solution penetrates you well
will have to sell small vines in the head to apply the solution
in depth okay once it’s good that you got involved well
mass and hair for 3 5 minutes then wear your hat sit down
on a comfortable chair wants to leave time for products to penetrate well
this step is very important all simply because it will facilitate the
blood circulation thereby facilitate the penetration of the product into
your hair will accelerate its growth this method if you do that every
days for 7 days you will see simply that you will have a
exceptional hair growth Besides, I will advise you to
leave these as long as possible possible on your hair and this
distress when you can follow especially if you have
frizzy hair after for the vè this is quite simple
so once you have left for a few hours the most
long as possible as I was not use your usual shampoo you
wash your hair you will see that it will be very very very careful but
if everything gets mixed up will guarantee a rapid growth
you can do this for 30 days as we said to have a really
very very big difference in results between your front hair and your hair
after so we could see it super easy to prepare second
recipe I would like to talk about here it’s going to be a purple onion or even a
white onion your oil shampoo recent and ginger for this
preparation it simply goes have to smooth all the ingredients
ie your ginger your three nyon rouge once it’s good you
go put it in a glass add your the recent 2 to 3 tablespoons
soup mix all the ingredients and
applied on your shot wanted like the previous recipe makes a good
massage leave on the head and rest let you go while the
product penetrates deeply then you can do your
shampoo your shower your reconditioners what you want but
you will see it’s far from everything as relevant as the previous one
just wonderful for you that’s why I’m going to invite you to
do this for 30 days straight and you will see very good results for
growing your hair so that’s it do not hesitate to leave me your opinions in
the comments you know they are very important to me
if you followed my other recipes on the coconut
how to make your own coconut or even how to use
guava leaves or sprout hair or how to use the
most hair ginger feel free not to mark me all this within
comments for those who tested previous recipes
if you have other recipes which can help in this direction
not to share with us within comments
so here we are done with this new video i tell you very
soon for a new video until then take great care of yourself and
know that i carry you in my heart remember to subscribe click and
commented zizou

  1. Bienvenu Bamanakio

    salut rose , j'ai pas assez des cheveux au niveau des tempes, cette recette va m'aider? moi je suis au congo kinshasa comment avoir les vitamines que vous avez cité là? et a part ce vitamine je peux metre autre chose?

  2. Christelle Koenig

    Coucou rose moi j'ai 42 ans et j'ai les cheveux très fins donc sur l'avant de la tête je vois le crâne car il me manque beaucoup de cheveux au dessus du crâne snif snif c'est pour ça que je voulais savoir pour la recette merci

  3. Julcilea Berthon

    Moi j'ai un problème de cheveux j'ai les cassures devant depuis petite je me disais que c'était à cause des produits j'ai coupé mais toujours la même chose

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