Graphing 1: Picture Graphs

hi there my name is Kaylee today we’ll be
going over graphing lesson number one picture graphs first thing we need to do
is ask a question but if we ask our question to only one friend we’ll only
have one answer so we need to ask our question to a lot of friends and asking
the same question to a lot of friends will give us a lot of answers and a lot
of answers is called data data is the most important thing in science now
let’s decide on a question to ask our friends let’s pretend we’re having a big
ice-cream party but we need to know what the favorite ice cream flavor is so we
know what ice-cream to bring to the party
let’s ask what’s your favorite ice cream chocolate vanilla strawberry or mint
chip now we can start asking our friends and collecting data now we are ready to
build our graph the first thing we do is draw a straight line across our paper
now we write the name of each ice cream flavor chocolate vanilla strawberry and
mint chip when a friend answers our question we will mark the flavor they
choose above that word like this looks like one friend has chosen chocolate as
their favorite and one friend chose strawberry on our picture graph each ice
cream cone equals one friend’s answer let’s keep asking we’ve already asked
six friends what their favorite ice cream flavor is two friends said
chocolate two friends said vanilla only one friend sent strawberry and only one
friend said mint chip it looks like we might have a tie for the winner but
let’s keep asking Wow we’ve definitely collected enough data
to start to analyze or start counting our cones let’s start with chocolate I
count one two three four four chocolate cones now let’s count vanilla I count
one two three three vanilla cones now we can count strawberry I count one two
just two strawberry cones last one let’s count mint chip I see one two
three three mint chip cones now it’s so easy to see what the winning flavor is
chocolate is the favorite flavor four of our friends said chocolate was
their favorite and strawberry is the least favorite only two friends said
that they like strawberry the best and we have a tie for second place favorite
ice cream three friends said vanilla and the other three friends said mint chip
was their favorite thanks to our picture graph we know that chocolate ice cream
is the favorite so that’s the one we’re bringing to the party

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