How Helium Changes our Voice – Christmas Lectures with Eric M Rogers

The gas helium was discovered on the Sun and therefore was called helium after the Sun I’m going to drink up some helium from a balloon This has already been filled with helium And I’m going to recite to you, because in my mouth cavities the vowel sounds Are echoes to and fro with the speed of sound But helium atoms move so much faster than air molecules That the echoes will happen much faster It will change the general nature of my voice Just for fun, therefore I shall say “Three blind mice, see how they run” First of all, I’ll unleash this [Breathes out] I want some oxygen [Breathes in] [High voice] Three blind mice [Laughter] See how they run [Breathes out] [Very high voice] Three blind mice, see how they run [Breathes in] [Very high voice] That’s the end of the lecture

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