How Learning by Making Helps Your Kids Become Digital Experts

We are a startup of two startups, one is a
teacher training facility and one is a workshop facilitator for kids and we put ourselves
together to make an mobilized learning room. So what does an mobilized learning room? So we basically creating an environment where
learning can happen in a different way than it does in school. Our education system, to make it really a
long story short, is based on an old system. It is based on a time that is before digitization,
that is before modernism and innovation. When you ask yourself the question, what is
the goal of education and the answer is, preparing children for the future, the question is:
How are we actually preparing children for the future in a system that is outdated? We do very kind of “boring”, coding workshops. When you say ok coding workshops that’s like
I’m in front of laptop, but there is a lot of amazing actually Edutoys and these are
little robots and kids lern in a very playful manner. So for the tool it’s a little robot and for
the method it’s actually play and storytelling. What I always like to
focus upon is that what we say is, we don’t want to put your child in front of an iPad
and we don’t want your child to spend time in front of a computer, but we see technology
and digitisation as a tool to actually teach a lot of other competencies. So the way our workshops are, because this
is actually the biggest fear of parents and of teachers, kids are spending too much time
in front of the screen, that’s not good. But we actually saying, that’s what we do,
is we have workshops with 20 kids here and these 20 kids are playing with each other
and these 20 kids are playing in in a real learning environment. These are tools to teach a lot of other skills. What we are missing right now is actually
a bridge between kind of these new innovative you know startups, companies like kind of
this new innovative and the traditional school system and being the bridge is actually what
our goal is. We don’t want to make schools obsolete, we
don’t want cater to startups, but we want to make this bridge and bring like these products
into school.

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