James Rogers Memorial Tribute

All HELP units, standby for departmental message. 73-17 73-17, HELP Operator James Rogers 73-17, James Rogers Time in Service: April 18, 2016 Out of Service: December 28, 2016 He carries with him our gratitude and appreciation for his sacrifice in the line of duty. His truck number, 73-17, is officially retired and will never be in service. God bless and may his soul rest in peace. End of departmental message.

  1. Kevin Kitts

    It's been a few years now since that day. God bless my states HELP trucks every day. I've helped most of knoxville operators and called to get some one the help they needed. I think of the Memphis incident around December now that I'm with a road rescue crew I pray they too will back me up. And also watch over me when needed.

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