(Livecast) Long-Term Visas in Southeast Asia

  1. Reekay's LifeBeyondTheSea

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  2. Wutsa Hammerfir

    I have questions about the Vietnam business visa. On the surface it seems like an easy way to avoid having to leave the country BUT I worked for IBM and obtained many business visas in my career although never for Vietnam. What they all have in common is the requirement for a letter of invitation and a Business cover letter. From one of the e-VISA sites it appears Vietnam's business visa is the same:

    "1.4 Business Cover Letter

    Applicant must submit a Business Cover Letter (BCL) from a US company. The BCL must be an original, signed document on company letterhead indicating the date, duration and purpose of travel, list a contact and address at the host company, and observe moral and financial responsibility for the applicant. Please review the example below.

    Click here to view example Business Cover Letter

    1.5 Letter of Invitation

    Applicant must submit a Letter of Invitation from the inviting party or organization in Vietnam. The letter should introduce the applicant, detail the purpose of the trip to Vietnam, provide dates of the visit and be signed by a company officer with contact details included.

    Scanned/printed copies are generally acceptable."

    This is rather run of the mill for American business travellers to China, Russia etc..

    Now, for a regular expat traveller, what "Business" in Vietnam is going to invite them, tell them your travel dates, etc.. and what USA company is going to ASSUME MORAL AND RESPONSIBILITY for your actions while residing there? You could set up a legal corporation I suppose and have office depot create a cover letter for you but…hmmmm.

    It is possible of course for the Vietnam Visa agency itself if it is a "business" located in VN or if they find or create a business there willing to create the letter of invitation and they find some willing US partner or agent (or even use your US "corporation) who could send some business cover letter and even accept legal responsibility for you, the business visa could be issued (but I don't think so).

    However, if this came to be a commonplace means to get around one of their immigration laws, something tells me they would recognize that scheme rather quickly and immediately shut it down.

    So I am not convinced YET if a Business visa is a "practical", achievable way of getting around the monthly exit requirement unless you are actually associated with a real business both in the USA and there. And if you have a spouse, even if you worked for a business like IBM Vietnam or any legal business there, and IBM Vietnam or one of its customers sent you the cover and invitation letters (on company letterhead as required), the invitation will not include your Philippine spouse. I tried that with my wife when IBM China could invite only me because only I had a business purpose. However, you are quite knowledgeable about these things and you may have additional information. I would appreciate your comments (I am an expat currently in the Philippines). Thanks!

  3. Live My Ass Off

    Reekay! Honored by the mention brother!!! Really appreciate it. As you know, the wrong data, mainly opinion, so common from too many Other YT channels about Thailand bugs me. It's hardly perfect over here but making the process harder than it needs to be is unnecessary! Anyway I can help, happy to. Live the Dream. Peace.

  4. John S

    Would it not be risky to apply for a VN Business Visa with no intention of doing a business? I think considering this new change there would probably be new scrutiny in checking to see that those granted are legit. Seems the easiest route would be to teach english 5-10 hours a week and then have the school arrange for a temporary residence card in which no exit would be required. Of course that would only be applicable is someone has a university degree and then complete a TEFL course

  5. Wutsa Hammerfir

    Spousal SRRV: I have one of those 🙂 Very nice visa. If your wife were a PI citizen as she is right now, you could not apply for a spousal SRRV because she, as your spouse could not obtain an SRRV visa; she is already a citizen. My wife is a US citizen where we both have come to retire here. The best you can do is apply for a 13a spousal visa. My wife did not become a dual citizen for that (no SRRV) and other reasons. SRRV is much better because you never have to enter a bureau of immigration office during and after acquiring it and a host of other reasons. HOWEVER, you can enter in on the 1 year balikbayan privilege as ou said, even if she becomes a US citizen as she will always be a balikbayan when returning here, citizen or not. For this reason, "the balikbayan SRRV" is a rather inaccurate term.

  6. Wutsa Hammerfir

    Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA). Their office in Makati handles the SRRV visa. That is where you go instead of BI (for the 13a). It is a much nicer place than BI, located on an upper floor of the Citibank building. PRA (SRRV entity) may also have offices in Cebu.

  7. Michael L

    Is there a method for a US citizen, who is born in the US and US as their first and primary citizenship, to become a dual citizen of the US and Philippines. Would one have to marry a Filipina or are other methods of acquiring Philippine citizenship as a second citizenship possible?

  8. David Lewis

    If you have assets I can't see any downside to a prenup, we never know the future and even if you trust each other how can you predict the love will last forever? It just makes sense to work out the prenup first, just like you don't think you are going to die soon yet it still makes sense to have a will. If the downside of a prenup is that it shows distrust that's nonsense, it just shows your not a clairvoyant and can't predict the future.

  9. Nicholas Lignola

    We live in Dauis, Bohol and for the past three months we have been blessed to have PLDT Fiber and have been enjoying consistently 100Mbps! Prettu darn good for the Philippines or anywhere else.

  10. senseofstile

    You might want to go the K-1 route or possibly the spousal visa even though you don't plan on living in the United States. There are a few benefits to this. Something could happen where you would need to go to the US for an extended period of time. If that happens, you won't be able to take her with you. Another aspect would

    be if you wanted to travel somewhere that would require a US passport. If she doesn't have it, you can't go. Well you won't be able to go together. The last reason is your mother would be able to meet her in person. Unless your mother plans to travel to the Philippines.

  11. Marc Richard

    She is very pretty …I am the one who talked to PaulTo throw me a bone and ended up she came on I was just hoping to get a picture of her on the cell phone.

  12. Steven G

    Love your “do-do-do-do, da-da-da-da’s” while you’re looking for comments! Lol. 😉 Always love your videos Reekay. Been following you for 5 years… Gio too!

  13. Steven G

    To me, Thailand has always sucked big-time when it comes to their, “leave-our-country every 60-days” visa! Now, the bullet scam that sent two Americans into a Thai prison! The message seems to be clear from Thailand to foreigners: We don’t want you and don’t need your tourism dollars! Been to Thailand twice, loved it, but will NEVER return. Not worth the risk or constant border-run hassle. Poipet is a nightmare!

  14. carl perkins

    i dont trust too much Thailand law.is a pretty country also i am not excited about Pattaya and their girls ..i am more interested of Thai nature,muay thai,martial arts, food..a south american guy went to Thailand and got caught by the police selling drugs ,and he was sentenced for 50 yr in jail..I had vietnamese girlfriends in USA and they invited me to Ho Chi Min city ..but one thing ..there is no way for a foreigner to live and work in Vietnam, so i give up Vietnam..i prefer to go to Indonesia, and Philippines

  15. aaron richman

    Hey Reekay, this is Gio's friend/ moderator, i missed your live stream, i will make next one for you if you need more moderators, ok take care for now

  16. Tiber Foaming

    Any substance to the rumour that Vietnam is about to start taxing world-wide income, including for expats and retirees resident in the country for longer than 183 days? Exit-clearance will be required from the tax authorities before being permitted to leave the country.

    Thailand used to do this years ago, and it created no end of capricious fun in interpreting the regulations, and lots of arbitrary on-the-spot tax 'assessments'.

    Forget about leaving the country quickly in the event of an emergency if this is indeed introduced.


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  18. william anderson

    Hi Reekay, So when are you making an honest woman out of your beloved? I've been married for about 16 years. Never regretted a minute of it. If you leave after marrying the missus, then when you come back in, ask for the Balikbayan visa. With this visa you can stay for a year. Remember however to bring your marriage certificate to prove the matter. This visa is renewed everytime you come in.

  19. Jason Michelson

    Hi Reekay,
    You may already know but for me in the Philippines, I was allowed a 29 day extension after my first 30 days and then a 6 month extension after that. I was then told I could renew for another 6 months after that. I did not have the option to get a 1 year or a three year extension at that point in time. I was told I could extend another 6 months after my first 6 month extension. I was told by the officer, that there would be no issue to extend another 6 months after the first one. It seems to me, they just want to keep track of everyone. They gave me an ACR I card at my 59th day without having to ask for it.

  20. Michael

    Wow you are very lucky to find a Filipina that doesn’t want kids. I’ve dated about 30 and spoken to hundreds and asked them if they want kids. All of them said it is their dream to have a kid. It is almost impossible to find a filipina that doesn’t want kids because family is everything to them. Western women are more likely to not want kids but we all know the issues of western women…

  21. Matt Gustafson

    If you are on fiber internet the speed is only really limited by the equipment they deploy. It may also be limited by the long haul network congestion. The bottleneck is not normally the neighborhood system if you are connected with fiber.

  22. steelhorses2004

    Would it be wise to get married someplace other than the USA or the Philippines? Easier to get a divorce if it comes to that and maybe less chance of getting scalped by USA divorce court? Where is the safest place to get married to a filipina?

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