OCSE Serves the National Child Support Program

At the Office of Child Support Enforcement,
we partner with federal, state, tribal, and local governments and other programs to promote
parental responsibility, so that children receive reliable support from both parents. Our partnerships led to significant achievements
in 2019: The child support program collected $32 billion
in child support, and 96% went directly to families. The program served over 14 million children. And we continue to be one of the most cost-effective
government programs, collecting more than five dollars for every 1 dollar spent. To foster our partnerships and continue our
support for your programs, we’re committed to providing technical assistance, training,
and other major resources. We’re enhancing the child support portal
and our website to give you a better experience. We’re here to help. We offer technical assistance on state and
tribal plans, federal reporting, financial management, performance and data analytics,
and several other areas. Your primary source for technical assistance
is your regional program office. Your regional program specialist can tell
you about our menu of services. We thank you for your efforts to improve the
lives of the families we serve. We look forward to serving you and strengthening
our partnership.

  1. Tenacious Resolve

    WOW! I mean… really…. WOW! Sol is this your justification for: 1. ripping families apart 2. separating parents from their children using fake courts and local law enforcement as hired thugs 3. robbing men and women blind by creating an imaginary debt and collecting on that debt until they can't even support themselves, let alone their kids! and 4. (this is, in my opinion, the worst and most unforgivable offense) causing severe emotional, mental, and a lot of the times, physical harm to our sons and daughter……. Your justification is you are "helping" and you are effective? Your program made over $27 BILLION IN REVENUE (that's accounted for) alone!!! And yet in the last few years since the OCSE's efforts have been reinforced by things like The Administrative Process Act, the implementation of the Hague Convention on State levels, and the amount of money you have shelled out to the Court systems, Counties, and State governments to grease the wheels and bulldoze the Constitutions of the States and the united States; test scores for children have dropped, juvenile crime rate has skyrocketed, substance abuse has gone through the roof, and suicides have increased to 16.2% NATION WIDE (that means for every hundred people, 16 are killing themselves, about 7% of which are reported to be "non-custodial" parents deprived of contact with their kids)……. AND YOU THINK YOU ARE HELPING!!!?????? YOUR AGENCY AND ITS AFFILIATES ARE THE WORST FORM OF CANCER THIS COUNTRY HAS EVERY SEEN!!!! There is only one way to kill a cancer this evil and this corrupt…. CUT IT OUT! GET RID OF IT! And anyone who works for it (especially if you are part of the Judiciary), there is a nice, hot place below our feet reserved personally for each and every one of you! SHAME ON YOU! Every public official or officer took an OATH TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION; and if our founding fathers were here today I'm pretty sure they would beat you all senseless for your blatant defilement and disrespect of this country's founding principles and its citizens! We need to wipe the slate; start anew; and first thing to go should be YOU!

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