OJJDP and the Children’s Bureau recognize National Child Abuse Prevention Month

>>Caren Harp: Each April our nation
renews its commitment to preventing the physical, emotional and sexual abuse of children.
Sadly, too many kids are mistreated and abused. According to a report published by the Department of Health and
Human Services in fiscal year 2017, 3.5 million children received a Child
Protective Services investigation or alternative response. All across the
country communities are coming together during the month of April to raise
awareness about healthy parenting practices, child safety skills and local
and federal resources that are available to help ensure the safety and
well-being of children and families. OJJDP is partnering with the Children’s
Bureau in HHS to recognize Child Abuse Prevention Month and join their WE CAN- Work to End
Child Abuse and Neglect social media campaign.>>Jerry Milner: The transition to a
proactive prevention services approach requires a shared vision that requires leadership
and ownership of the outcomes that will be achieved across the broader child
welfare system. The child welfare agency cannot and definitely should not
attempt to address primary prevention independently from the other critical
agencies and organizations that also support children and families. The child welfare agency should actively seek, engage and sustain the involvement
of leaders across the branches and levels of government responsible for
operating child welfare systems especially the legal and judicial community and
prevention partners in designing and implementing their jurisdictions’
visions for serving children and families better. Moving to a primary prevention
approach provides an opportunity for a child welfare agency to partner with
community-based providers to respond proactively to the needs of children
and families in their communities before they reach a level of risk or danger
that puts their children in harm’s way.>>Caren Harp: I’m personally thankful for
all the dedicated professionals and community volunteers working to bring the
day closer when all America’s children are free from violence.
Together we can all make a difference.

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