RMR: Rogers Ultimate NHL 4K Package

Announcer: Rogers NHL in 4K
brings super high definition hockey action
into your living room. Now, you can feel like
you’re right in the arena with the Ultimate NHL 4K package
with Super Realism. For 59.99 a month,
we will send a complete stranger to sit right up
against you! Just like
in the stadium! A different stranger
every game! All the classic
fan types! The taking up
the armrest guy! The unofficial official guy! You’re a lousy Ref! Announcer:
The s’cuse me, pardon me guy! And cheering for
the visiting team stranger! Say hello at the start,
High-five each goal, and then awkwardly ignore each
other for the rest of the game. Plus, twice a season you will
receive a premium stranger. It’s in-the-arena-at-the-game
feeling with a stranger sitting
one inch away experience! So sign up for Rogers
Ultimate NHL 4K package with Super Realism today. Ask about our 14.50
a beer option. (cheering and applause)

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