look… this is crazy the wooden logs
they descend to the town of Banjermasin the coastal city Good morning all, I am at Muara Teweh’s aerodrome so why Muara Teweh airfield,
you know I use paramotor to patrol the forest but
as I did a lot of mechanics I have to test my machine. I’m trying to get used to my machine
before leaving, normally the goal is to go to camp but I do laps and laps first
above the airfield, to make sure that everything is fine, it’s not obvious it’s still risky, I also changed the handle
the accelerator so it’s full of new sensations,
I really have to get used to it before to go to the camp which on my
left So here is the small town of Muara Teweh, District capital we are in the west of Muara Teweh.
I keep taking altitude towards Kalaweit
look at the raft, I don’t know if you see with the sun thousands of cubic meters it’s pretty mind blowing that’s all for export, and
of course its the first step before converting the
forest in oil palm plantations. at first these are these huge wooden rafts that descend the river to the town of Banjermasin
which is the coastal city, and then go abroad I go around to show you look at this is crazy the wooden logs these huge rafts that descend to the coastal city all that to be in your Lapeyre or Ikea stores … I know nothing hop … small turbulence
that’s because of my own propeller, when I did the
turn around, so now we continue to Kalaweit I really have the sun in my face my face it must be on the light,
but on the other Go Pro I don’t know if you see something therefore
from now on with this little device with this mic like you
actually hear me well I take you with me at each of my Patrols …
Look at the second raft that is there low,
who is downstream he has to do at least
500 meters long and thousands of m2 of wood always, precious wood of course we are talking about Meranti, these big trees
who are part of the family of Dipterocarpace, these big trees
which can be 60 meters high, semi rot-proof wood, precious wood and again it goes abroad, look at the size of the raft it’s crazy the weather is pretty mild, earlier the sky was pretty heavy but there it’s perfect there is just a little cloud but it is falling apart and here we arrive above the village
from Pendreh which is the neighboring village of
Kalaweit east of Kalaweit and
upstream of the river the river you see there which is
used by the wood industry if one of the largest in Borneo,
and is called the Barito river. and
he is very well known and he is especially very very long and it has its source in
central mountains of Borneo, where you know i did
my expedition over ten years ago now so far there
I can already see the Kalaweit speed boat I am 6 minutes away
to Kalaweit is then below me the village of Pendreh like all
dayak villages well it is found along the
river and the white buildings that you see over there, the towers and well these are houses with swallows, is that the market is exploding for china obviously since the chinese eat
the swallows’ nests in soup, and here they make the houses for swallows where they come nesting and after that chicks are gone, well
they collect the nests to sell them to Chinese and I think on time
current per kilo it must cost around 600 euros I think … so here on my right
the Pararawen reserve, the state reserve which is 6000 hectares
in fact it was this state reservation that brought me here it was the government that asked me to
help them monitor this area, and this is what I also do in paramotor
so in the next patrols I will take you like that with me i will describe and what happens like that in direct
as i do now so this area is very beautiful with its small relief it is really a very interesting area
that absolutely must be protected because like most small reserves here
here it is surrounded by companies over the river
There is already the speed boat I see he will secure me,
following me throughout my approach besides i will talk to him Abdi Abdi can you hear me? I forgot he cant hear me but i see it there So slowly I’m losing altitude and of course if you have the reserve of (again with the light I don’t know if you see) so if you have
the Pararawen reserve, the state reserve so on the left especially you have the reserve of Kalaweit Pararawen today I’m not going to patrol it,
it’s my first big flight since I do the repairs and I have
especially install my new Adventure chassis, the “Pluma” chassis I will directly land then check
all that, see if I have any bolts that are getting away,,,
and then for the next patrols I will take you with me, and the next one
will be the Pararawen reserve so I’m at 600 feet we can already see the
Kalaweit field and now there i just have to make a pretty
approach to land …
do it cleanly … it’s always a tricky approach
especially with an unknown engine and above all a handful of gas that
I don’t know well so that’s what makes me stress I am aligned Now it has to do it .. perfect it’s good … I was a little
stressed … that’s why that I haven’t talked much for
the approach but it’s pretty good so here I tested my machine
and then I promise you that I will take in all the next
patrols which they will be on top of the forest thank you! subscribe to this channel
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  1. Chantal Mandayi

    très impressionnant ce vol et j'imagine déjà la suite qui sera très instructive, car de pouvoir survoler la forêt permettra de voir plus rapidement ce qui s'y passe, et d'agir notamment contre la déforestation et le braconnage…merci Chanee de toujours faire le maximum, pour la sauvegarde de la faune et de la flore…
    Vous êtes ton équipe ta famille et toi, ces héros des temps modernes qui nous permettent de garder espoir en l'être humain

  2. Lauriane Aubry

    Il doit faire frais là-haut non? Si je comprends bien, les bouts de bois sont accrochés entre eux pour faire un radeau qui est traîné par un bateau. C'est ça? En tout cas, la forêt est belle vue d'en haut.

  3. Mimirose14 Quebec

    Coucou Chanee WoW Merci pour ce vol et cette façon de nous faire découvrir cette beauté naturelle de ce paysage Bisous 😘

  4. Frederique Bailly

    Je suis atterrée de voir comment l’Indonésie brade horriblement ses ressources precieuses pour la Biodiversité et nos amis à 2 et 4 pattes!

  5. Frederique Bailly

    Merci beaucoup de nous faire partager ce magnifique vol! Mais ces trafic est affolant. Il faut protéger la forêt pour protéger les animaux!!

  6. Julien Loffredo

    Je te confirme que Castorama n'a aussi aucune étique moral en France Chanee. Merci de m'avoir ouvert les yeux en tous cas , je fais de mon mieux pour transmettre ton méssage légitime mais surtout important.

  7. Iruka Kudjira

    Super Moyen de surveillance de la forêt! Ces rondins de bois qui circule sur la rivière nous rendent vraiment malades! C'est de la biodiversité qui s'en va, de l'habitat, de la nourriture des êtres vivants! Il faut qu'on réagisse sinon la Terre sera comme l'ile de Pâques dont nous suivons la trace…

  8. Iruka Kudjira

    Encore une fois, je veux le répéter un vrai cauchemar ces rondins de bois! Les arbres sont l"habitat, la nourriture, la vie des animaux mais aussi c'est le Futur de la planète que nous sacrifions!

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